24" x 15"
12" x 19"
Beauty Within
16" x 19"
16" x 18"
Live with Love
18" x 8"
Mini Dragonflies
5" x 6"
$40 each
24" diameter
18" x 19"
12" x 12"

The foundation is a man and woman entwined in relationship. Their bodies are made up of muscle fibers. Coming out the top are a dove, a snake, a crow, and a mongoose. Briefly, from a well known folktale, the serpent eats the eggs of the dove. She consults a crow, who tells her to enlist the help of a mongoose and her problems are solved. These are qualities we all possess. The dove represents nurture, the snake our base desires. The crow is our nature looking for answers, and the mongoose is our boss or utilitarian decision maker, demanding action. We must reconcile these qualities in order to live in harmony both within ourselves as well as others.
12" x 18"
Through the Looking Glass
25" x 29"
5' diameter
49" x 5"
The symbol for now, the present, is a circle. The present is greater than the past and equal to the future.
Mobius Mambo
33" x 38"
This is a piece created to represent two souls who have decided to become forever intwined. Just as their bodies are a mobius strip with only one side, their relationship is joined together in an unending dance or a forever journey.
15" x 17"
49" x 28"
She is the sun and the moon.
Turtle Tears and Tea
34" x 28"
A symbiotic relationship in nature, butterflies will "drink" the tears of turtles for their salt content. This piece represents a butterfly serving tea to a turtle in exchange for his tears.
Elements in Motion
53" x 53"
Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.
Madison was one of the top baby names in 2002, which would place her at about 15 yrs old. This is the prime age at which girls are trafficked. My piece represents a girl at about that age with her copper hair pulled back in a braid. Upon her head is a headband of flowers as might be worn in happier times for a celebration. The end of her braid transforms into a chain with a weighted ball at the end symbolizing the hardship with which she must now struggle. The weight is behind her, hidden from others. She is represented without a face so she can put on any face she chooses to present to the world, who is otherwise oblivious to her plight. This piece was made for a travelling show, Artifacts, bringing attention to human trafficking.
25" x 23"
This owl is named Sophia, meaning wisdom.
Voyage to Valhalla
33" x 23"
Vikings journey to paradise by the moon and stars in the sky.
15" x 16"
30" x 20"
The mythological story of an over confident boy who begs his father, Helios, to give him the reigns of his chariot carrying the sun around the Earth.
Being for Self
20"w x 24"l x 18"h
Being for self is an existentialist concept representing the relationship we have with ourselves. It is how we view ourselves having full knowledge of all our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This piece represents a man gazing into a mirror reflecting on what's inside his own mind.
42" x 58"
12" x 12"
Hound and Hare
26" x 12"
Dog and rabbit teams race around the track to determine who's the fastest.
Circular Vines
Soul Part 1
11" x 10"
This is part 1 because it is one idea of what a spirit, or soul, may look like. It is organic in nature being roughly hourglass shape, like a human body. The outside is bumpy and grey, uneven, while the inside is smoother and shines from an interior personality.
Eve stands for everyone and is cored by the apple. As she reaches to grab the fruit, which is still whole having just been picked from the tree, Eve's body twists and spirals in a fashion one might expect when coring an apple. All of us are tied to the choices we make whether good or bad. We bear that relationship as it defines who we are.
Moon Reflecting Earth
36" x 15"
Bubble Pipe
12" x 21"
A girl dreams of brighter days as she blows her bubble pipe into the shape of a blue horse.
27" x 16"
One of the first pieces I created, this star represents a sun in its initial stages of development. Its rays stretch in different directions and some are longer than others. Parts of this star are smooth and shiny as other areas are pitted and dark. The sun is just beginning to shine as it finds its place in the universe.
Circle of Life
36" x 15"
This is dream imagery. A woman's dress becomes water as Death floats upstream to meet her.
Being for Others
23"L x 20"H
Being for others is a relational concept defining the relation we have with others. It's how we perceive others and how, in turn, they perceive us. This piece represents that, in using masks sometimes known as comedy and tragedy. We are able to hide behind these masks and project what we want the other to see. The other allows us to do this even going so far as holding the mask up in front of our true selves. This piece balances uneasily on the elbows of the other as this relationship can be fragile and easily knocked down.